Flat Classic Lashes

Flat Classic Lashes

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  • The darkest matte lashes 
  • The strong curl keeps as original one over 1 year.
  • Extremely soft to create ultimate fluffy, full beautiful lashes
  • A synthetic material made to mimic the look and feel of real mink
  • Cruelty-Free, Eo-friendly, Toxin Free, anti-bacterial 
  • 100% Vegan 

0.18MM Premium Classic FLAT Eyelash Extensions

        - matte black color, no blue tint.

        - great for INDIVIDUAL one by one application technique

        - They are perfect for CLASSIC one by one natural set.

        - resistant to bending

        - better retention with flat lashes 


100% Vegan

        - Latex-Free

        - Cruelty-Free. NO animals were harmed in the making of these gorgeous lashes